Customs Measures - Trademark Infringement

The Indirect Taxation Authority, acting on the request of "AAA" for the destruction of goods infringing intellectual property rights, pursuant to Article 7 of the Indirect Taxation Authority Act ("Official Gazette of BiH" No. 89/05), Article 95 of the Law of Trademarks ("Official Gazette of BiH" No. 53/10) and Article 14 of Decision on Implementation of Customs Measures for the Protection of the Rights of the Trademark Proprietor ("Official Gazette of BiH" No. 41/12), hereby passes:

The Decision

  1. 1. The confiscation of temporarily retained goods, description: "BBB", pieces "CCC", marked with the stamp "DDD", which the importer "EEE" d.o.o., reported to the Customs Office of Tuzla under the customs declaration number "FFF" dated 10 September 2018.
  2. 2. The destruction of the goods in question is permitted at the expense of the holder of the right "AAA", with the right of the holder to settle the destruction costs from the importer, by peaceful means or through the court.
  3. 3. The destruction of the goods in question, which is under the customs supervision of the Tuzla Customs Office, must be carried out in the presence of customs officials of CO Tuzla, and a record on destruction of the goods must be made up and signed by the right -holder or his representative, customs officers and the person who destroyed the goods.
  4. 4. The destruction of the goods in question shall be carried out in the organization of the representative of the right holder, and at the latest within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the decision.

Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Sector for Customs, No. 03/4-IPR-18-3-Up/I-194/18,
Banja Luka, October 29, 2018.